We have total 3 types of Recastly accounts.

Please note that the Recastly Premium (FE) is required in order to access features of Recastly Pro or Agency. Recastly Pro and Agency licenses are optional while Recastly Premium is mandatory. 

So if you have purchase Recastly Pro (OTO1) or Recastly Agency (OTO2) without getting Recastly Premium (FE), your account may not function correctly. So make sure you get the Recastly Premium first.  

So what exactly is different in each of the Recastly Accounts?

Here is the difference between each of the account...

FE - Recastly Premium (One Time)

- Upload and Edit Videos of length upto 10 mins
- 10 Subtitle Templates
- Can only download videos in 720 P
- Very subtle Recastly Branding on rendered videos
- Download expires in 48 Hours

OTO 1 - Recastly Pro (Yearly or Monthly)

- No limit on video length
- All Subtitle Templates + New additions Per Month (Total 20+ Templates and 5 Templates Each Month)
- 3D Subtitle Templates
- Can download videos in as it is format (No Degrading In Video Quality)
- No branding
- No expiry on downloads

OTO 2 - Recastly Agency (One Time)

- Ability to sell videos
- Create and invite users/freelancers to projects (they edit videos on your behlaf)
- No Branding
- Share projects only to specific freelancers and not the entire account